Installing more than one Operating System?

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Infopackets Reader Dennis B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I was interested in installing a free version of the Linux operating system (OS) on my rebuilt computer with a 2.5 GB hard drive that I just love and seem to being Ok with. I'm running windows 98 and would very much like to keep that. Would it be possible to have both OS's and switch back and forth? I remain an admiring reader and fan. "

My Response:

Yes, it is possible to have 2 operating systems installed on a single system.

The new OS * should * be able to detect that you already have Windows installed and provide you with a "boot menu" of some sort. This menu is displayed when you first power up your system and allows you to choose between Windows or the other installed operating system.

If you're going to install Linux/Unix, I would highly recommend that you try Mandrake Linux. The last I checked, it was free to download. The download comes in a CD image; if you don't have highspeed Internet access, you should consider purchasing a copy on CD and have it mailed to your house -- or get a friend who has fast access to download it and burn the CD for you.

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