How Can I Backup Windows and Put it on My New Computer?

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Infopackets Reader Annette K. writes:

" I think I am going to get another replacement computer from Hewlett Packard. This computer is starting to make noises, and I get error messages in Internet Explorer all the time. Since the warranty expires on the 31st of this month, I am going to do this soon.

My question is this: Can I take my whole hard drive, just as it is, copy it onto a zip disk and then reinstall it all on the new case? Or do I just take everything but what is in the Windows folder? If not, can you tell me how I can take everything I have right now, just as it is, and save it to reinstall on a new hard drive? "

My response:

As for backing up the entire drive (as you state), this wouldn't work because your intentions are to move Windows over to a new computer -- and even though it's the same model, etc, it won't work because each computer is unique and Windows won't be able to "port over" your old settings.

Your best bet is to back up all your important files on to zip -- all your documents and pictures, etc, etc. It will take you much less time than backing up a large hard drive.

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