How Do You Back Up or Transfer Your Address Book?

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Infopackets Reader Jayne T. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I have a marvelous new computer and I have transferred everything onto my new machine but I cannot get to my e-mail address book contents and save and replace them in my new identical software. Do you have any idea how I can do this? I am running on Windows 98SE and Outlook Express 5.

I have tried to save the information as a Word document and import it. I have saved the file via Explorer and all it saves is the empty address book software. I have also tried to send them as an e-mail document but once received I cannot activate the addresses to add to the address book, copy and paste won't work either. I would be grateful if there is a simple way around this as I have over 100 addresses in my addresses book. I do not have the facility to connect the two machines to transfer information, so far I have done it all via floppy disks. I hope you can assist. "

Before I could find a solution, Jayne T. emailed me again and found a solution to her problem. She wrote:

" I have sussed it after a night's sleep. Sent the contents to floppy disk via the export facility in the address book and you can do the reverse with the import facility of the address book on the new machine. Much lack of sleep and playing with the computer sorted this! "

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