How do you change the CD ROM drive letter?

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Infopackets Reader Dan F writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I have added an additional hard drive to my computer as a slave. I partitioned that hard drive into 4 sections. My CD ROM is now designated as 'H'. My problem is that the computer I purchased came with about 50 programs pre-installed that need the CD installed in order to run. When I insert the CD, it tells me to make sure the CD is inserted into drive D.

Question: How can I change the path for these programs to look in drive H? I'd reinstall the programs except for two things. The first is time and the second is some of the programs need a code from the CD sleeve which I don't have. The CDs came in a binder and the company I bought from has gone bankrupt. Please help? "

My answer:

Change of Address (COA2) is available free from PC Magazine's web site which has the ability to update program paths in the System Registry. Read this previous Gazette article for more information:

Move installed program to another hard drive letter (same system)?, Part 2

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