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Use Send To menu to send files to CD?

Infopackets Reader William A. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just finished reading your recent article entitled, 'Download directly to CD using Windows XP?' ( August 26, 2004 ). I was curious about one thing: can you please tell me if it is possible to ... right click a file and have it 'Send To' my CD Burner? For example, if I right click over top of a document, there is a sub-header which reads 'Send To', with options (such as Internet Explorer, MS Paint, etc).Any help is appreciated! " My response: As long as you meet the following criteria, you can most definitely use the "SendTo ... (view more)

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CD Recording Problems at 24x?

Infopackets Reader Victor R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently bought a CD-RW 24x10x40 drive and have used to to copy two disk without trouble. Lately, I tried to make an audio CD from files that I downloaded from the net. I got up to 75% completion ... and then my computer had a fatal error. The error was 'Vcache (01) +00000fc7 Error: oe: c004E663'; I wasn't sure if my computer was fast enough for the 24 spin recorder, so I tried slowing the speed of the copying process but still received the same error. As another possibility, I turned off the virus protect and all other running programs ... (view more)

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