How can I change the Windows boot screen?

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Infopackets Reader Jim J. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

If you know, could you please tell me the name of the file that contains the image "Microsoft Windows 98" that appears just before Windows loads? "

My Response:

The windows load screen is simply a Bitmap (BMP) graphic file, but has been renamed with an SYS extension. The file you're looking for is listed here:

c:\windows\logo.sys = start

c:\windows\logos.sys = shutdown

To replace either file, its resolution must 320 x 400 resolution and in the Bitmap (BMP), PLUS it must be renamed to either logo.sys or logos.sys. For example, to convert any JPG file or GIF file to logo.sys or logos.sys, load the .GIF or .JPG into your favorite picture editor program (Paintshop Pro, for example -- and:

  • increase color depth to 16.8 million colors
  • resize the file to 320x400
  • save the file as BMP to the C:\ drive (root directory)

Open an MS DOS Prompt (START -> PROGRAMS -> MS DOS PROMPT). Type in:

  1. c:\> cd \windows
  2. c:\windows> copy logo.sys logo.old
  3. c:\windows> copy \logo.bmp logo.sys

Side Note: the "c:\>" and "c:\windows>" represent the command prompt, and is not something you should be typing in. If you want to modify the logos.sys file, repeat the above steps but change the appropriate file names.

Reboot -- you will see the image.

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