How Do I Export My Address Book Contacts?, Part 2

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Yesterday, I detailed instructions on how to export / import contact information from the Address Book. Essentially, this allows users to make a copy of their address book: either for backup purposes, or to import contacts onto another computer.

The instructions I gave were done using Windows XP (Service Pack 1) with Internet Explorer / Outlook Express 6.

Today, I received email from two users who claim to have similar problems with the Address Book program. John L. writes:

" I followed your instructions but the import and export options would not highlight. Is it because I'm using Windows 98? "

Bobsie01 reported having a similar conflict, but with a different setup:

" When I open the Address Book and click on the File menu, the Import and Export options are grayed out. This is the case in both my laptop and desktop [computers]. How do I turn those options back on? I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2000 and my OS is XP. "

I don't understand why the options are ghosted?

I also have a Windows 98 machine with Internet Explorer 5.5 installed and have successfully accessed the Export / Import features from within the Address Book. Note: I loaded the Address Book by itself and did not attempt to access it through Outlook / Outlook Express.

Perhaps that is the problem?

Anyway, I'd like resolve this issue once and for all... so, I'd like to ask Infopackets Readers for an alternate solution.

Do you know of a freeware program that can manage / export / import contacts from the Address Book? Email me your suggestion!

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