How Do I Export My Address Book Contacts?

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Roberta C. asks:

" Could you tell me if there is a way to copy my contacts in Outlook and load them onto another computer? "

My Response:I remember reading this question before, so I decided to search previous newsletters for the answer. Low and behold -- I found the answer in January 01, 2002's issue of the Gazette! Jayne T. writes:

" [All you need to do is send] the contents to floppy disk [or hard drive] via the export facility in the address book and you can do the reverse with the import facility of the address book on the new machine. "

I decided to try it my own machine using the export / import feature in Outlook Express 6 on my Windows XP (Service Pack 1) machine. Oddly enough, I received an error message stating that the operation could not be completed.

I decided to try Jayne's suggestion and exported the database by loading the address book by itself ... and it worked!

Here's how to do it:

  • Load the Address Book (Start -> Programs -> Accessories)
  • Click File -> Export
  • Save it as a .WAB file
  • Load Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Click File -> Import -> Address Book


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