Install and Uninstall Software Safely?, Part 2

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Last week, Robert B. asked:

" Do you know of a program (freeware or shareware) that will let you install a program temporarily to see if it works ok on your machine and then according to the results, you can remove it or keep it? "

My Response: I suggested the obvious, but then also critiqued how the "Add / Remove Programs" in the Control Panel can also leave your computer gummed up. So, I asked Infopackets Readers to send in some suggestions for freebie software titles floating around the 'net:

Kevin S. suggested jv16 Reg Cleaner (highly recommended):

" JV16 Reg Cleaner is the freeware program that I use to clear up properly after I've used Microsoft's built in Add/Remove app. I've been using this for a good couple of years now. "

Janel L. and lots of others recommended Test Run by BB:

" TEST-RUN looks after the Registry in a different way than providing a Registry backup which could be used to fix the Registry 'after' any corruption. Instead, TEST-RUN provides an 'inert' Registry especially for testing trial programs. After testing a program, you can switch back to your normal Registry and install it, or uninstall it before switching back."

Charlie S. mentioned In Control 5 (now obsolete), but still available here:

" PC Magazine has a free utility called InCtrl5. As the name indicates, this is version 5 of this utility and monitors all of the changes done to your system during a software installation so you can undo them later if desired. PS: Thanks for the great newsletter. "

Chris B. uses Total Uninstall:

" I've installed and uninstalled literally hundreds of programs. The best program I've found if you want to completely restore your system is Total Uninstall. It reads the registry and the entire hard drive before installation, and then installs the program. "

Sam T. suggested Install Watch Pro:

Thanks for the suggestions!

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