Install and Uninstall Software Safely?

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Robert B. emailed me today and asked:

" Do you know of a program (freeware or shareware) that will let you install a program temporarily to see if it works ok on your machine and then according to the results, you can remove it or keep it?

I thought I did once from Lockergnome but I can't find it. I seem to think it said it was never actually installed unless you chose to keep it. Maybe it was in a dream? "

My Response:The only programs I've ever used to perform a similar function are: the Add / Remove Program function in the Control Panel, and Clean Sweep by Norton.

Critique: Add / Remove doesn't always work and can leave software improperly uninstalled or not won't uninstall at all. Clean Sweep monitors your system for every piece of software you install and is then able to work backwards to uninstall the software ... but this program isn't free, if my memory serves correct.

As for the software you were seeking from Lockergnome -- my ISP blocks LG's newsletters so I missed that tidbit. Any Infopackets Reader is welcome to email me with a suggestion and I'll update this article on Monday (email below).

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