What is Carpserve Exe and Nwiz Exe in My Startup?, Part 2

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Last week's mind-numbing question was sent in from Jon W. He asked:

" I have a few programs listed in my MSCONFIG startup. One of the programs was LoadQM.Exe, and Google's search pointed me to your web site. Good info on the LoadQM.exe program! I've now deleted it from the start-up file. The other two programs I'm trying to find more information on are Carpserv.exe and Nwiz.exe/install, but didn't get any clear-cut information on these two when querying Google. Do you have any input on these two items? "

My Response:I asked the Infopackets Readers to send me their thoughts on the subject. I haven't heard of any of these programs before, either. Surprisingly, 95% of the responses (out of about 200 emails!) recommended Pac's Portal web site.

I've mentioned Pac's Portal before but couldn't remember which newsletter had the URL... and of course, I couldn't find it because the Infopackets Search Engine is offline (it's on my list of to do's!).

Mark G. writes:

"I enjoy your newsletter. I just signed up and am very impressed! Apparently carpserve.exe is related to Zoltrix Modems, but I don't know much more than that. Nwiz.exe is associated with the newer versions of nVidia graphics cards drivers. Allows you to immensely improve desktop layouts by setting preferences and optimizations. However, this isn't necessary for the operation of your system."


Linda J. wrote in and confirmed Mark's answer, except she got her information from a different source:

" I would assume you could disable carpserve.exe in msconfig and see if you can still connect to the Internet. If not, then enable it again. Nwiz.exe is part of the nvidia video card software. It allows you to customize your screen graphics, etc. I wouldn't imagine it's necessary to run it at startup and you can probably disable it using msconfig as well. "


Another resource was mentioned by Gary S. He writes:

" Thanks for the useful newsletter! In regards to your last issue and the question about startup programs, here is a good site which I found that the nwiz.exe is an install for Nvidia graphics:

http://www.azpchelp.com/StartupList.htm "

Thanks to all who wrote in.

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