Required Dll not Found Error Message?

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Infopackets Reader Don W. writes:

" I have Windows 98 second edition. Just recently when windows is loading it gives an error popup; A required DLL file -- DDRAW.DLL -- was not found. Windows seems to operate as usual, but I really don't know what this file does and how to resolve this problem. Do you have a suggestion? "

My Response: Click Start -> Find -> Files / Folders and type in the DLL file name. The result should come up with a folder that the DLL has been installed to -- this should give you an indication what the program is for.

After that, you can attempt to uninstall the program from your system through the Control Panel, Add / Remove programs. Once it's uninstalled, you can reinstall the software in hopes of removing the error message.

If that doesn't fix it, get jv16 Power Tools from and run the registry editor to manually remove the program from your registry, and then reinstall.

Side note: this topic has been updated.

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