What is the Difference Between a Gui and a Skin?

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Infopackets Reader Lim Chee A. writes:

" Greetings from Malaysia! I have been subscribed to your Infopackets Newsletter since May 2002, and I really enjoy your work! I have a question though: What's the difference between GUI and skins? "

My Response:

GUI is a short-term word which means "Graphic User Interface". A skin is an extension of the GUI which changes the GUI appearance. If you're interested in changing the way that Windows looks, you might be interested in checking out these web sites:

And, as Jacquie B. writes:

" For beginners in 'skinning' there is also http://www.deskmod.com an online community of artists and general users of about 30,000 members. A very helpful, and friendly site... and importantly very careful about artists copyrights. http://www.deviantart.com is also wonderful, with more members of an older age base. "

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