Can I Upgrade My Old Pentium 1 Computer?

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Infopackets Reader Judy W. asks, " Is there a way to upgrade my old Pentium-1 computer with a motherboard or a new processor chip? I really like this computer, but I need something faster so that I can use my digital camera. "

My Response:

It may be possible to get an adapter for your motherboard to make it run (at most) 500 MHz. Your CPU is most likely a Socket-7 type motherboard, so I'm pretty sure you can use this adapter:

I'd advise you get at least 128 meg of RAM with your upgrade -- but most likely you're using 72 pin SIMM RAM or PC33 RAM and it will either be extremely difficult to find, or extremely expensive. Note that RAM is just as important as a processor upgrade; you could have a 5000000 MHz system but if you don't have enough RAM inside your machine, raw speed (MHz) means nothing.

I suggest that you bring your system into a local computer store and tell them you want to know how much the Neo adapter is (model # PL-K6-III). Finally, ask them how much to upgrade to 128 (or even 256 meg) of RAM for your machine since they'll know what type of RAM your system requires.

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