Outlook Express is sending multiple JPG images?

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Gazette Reader Ken P. writes:

" Dear Dennis, When I attach a jpeg file to an email message it will send 8 copies. If I attach 2jpeg files 16 copies are sent etc.. It does not do it with bitmap or any text files just jpeg. They suggested reinstalling Norton Anti Virus, but there was no difference. I sent a test message with attached jpeg file to my computer at work and one message shows up in my in box, as a jpeg file, and the seven others show up in the deleted box as .DAT files. I did a virus scan and all is OK. What do you think? "

My Response:

The only time I've experienced anything remotely similar to this problem was when my friend got hit with the Nimda virus. I can't remember what virus scanner he had installed in his machine -- but I don't think it removed the virus properly because my friend kept receiving the same emails over and over. I'm guessing it was because he still had remnants of the virus still installed on his machine and it was attempting to propagate (unsuccessfully).

The quickest way to remove the Nimda from his system was to restore his operating system from a disk-image backup. After that, I made to sure to reinstall the Nimda patch offered by Microsoft. After that, we changed virus scanners to Grisoft AVG. Anyway, I don't really have a suggestion for you other than to do a full system scan with another virus scanner other than the one you're using. If you don't have grisoft AVG I suggest you give it a try -- it's free.


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