How can I stop the annoying voice on my Asus motherboard?, Part 2

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Yesterday's Visitor Feedback posed the question, "How can I stop the annoying voice on my Asus motherboard during the boot up process?"

The answer to this question has been solved: the annoying voice that plagues Michael H. is actually a feature in the BIOS which can either be disabled completely, or customized with a different voice. I didn't receive any feedback on how to customize the voice, so I'll just tell you how to disable the darn thing. As Alan H. writes:

" The feature that Michael is referring to is the Asus Post Reporter. It is a feature of the Asus P4B motherboard (and on other models from Asus), and it can be disabled in the CMOS (BIOS) setup.

To get into the CMOS, press and hold the DEL key as soon as the computer is powered on. In the Advanced Settings menu, there is a field under I/O Device Configuration called Speech Post Reporter and it can be enabled or disabled here. "

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