Uninstall Windows Media Player beta 9?

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Infopackets Reader Liz H. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I appreciated the information on how to uninstall MSN/Windows Messenger -- although, I personally like it -- but, I'd rather see how to uninstall Windows Media Player (v9.0 beta specifically for Win XP) WITHOUT reformatting the hard drive or using System Restore. I'm of the opinion it can't be done without resorting to these fairly drastic measures. PS: Thank you for these wonderful newsletters! "

My Response:

I visited the Microsoft download web site in search of Media Player 9, and I found these comments:

" Note: [Windows Media Player beta 9] is a release candidate of a Windows feature and is unsupported. In order to restore the original feature after updating Windows XP or Windows Me, you must use System Restore. Please check to ensure System Restore is turned on. Please read the release notes for more information before installing, and send any feedback to the Windows Media Player 9 Series Beta newsgroup. "

Like Internet Explorer, Media Player has become such a core component of MS Windows that you basically "can't go back" unless you do as they suggest: use the System Restore, or reinstall Windows. I can't say I have had any experience using System Restore, so I don't really know how effective it is (ie: is it buggy?).

Since I haven't been forced to upgrade to WMP 9 yet, I don't have any other alternate solutions.

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