Defrag your hard drive in record time -- without headaches!

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Infopackets Reader John A. writes:

" If I did not try this, I would not believe it.

This Sunday's local paper has a Tech Editor that submits regular articles weekly. This week the article caught my interest - as on many Computer Group forums -- the defrag utility, which comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows, is plagued with many problems.

For example: defrag sometimes hangs/re-starts; won't complete; you have to run in Safe Mode; run ScanDisk first; close all programs; close anti-virus; close screen savers, etc...

So I went to his Web Site which has about every conceivable computer problem / program / with an excellent search function. The article in question is the first on the list - Fix your Windows 'defrag' program with this Microsoft replacement.

After reading the article, I downloaded the file. I seemed to have a problem placing in the Windows Folder so I just placed a Shortcut to Desktop; I renamed the existing file in Windows to OLD as indicated to make sure there would be no confusion over which version to run. After placing on Desktop, I proceeded to run the New Defrag.

Well, it is hard to believe -- I did not have to shut down any programs running in the background; furthermore, I haven't defragged my hard drive for approximately 9 months, and have many files and programs (3.5GB worth).

Guess how long it took? All Night? 6 Hrs? 3 Hrs?

Wrong! It took only 15 minutes. Believe it -- and try it yourself. "

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