Web links in Outlook Express don't work?, Part 2

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Last week's question asked:

" I use Outlook Express to read emails. When I click on a web address in an email, nothing happens. I am plagued with the old cut, copy and paste. Is there a way to get Outlook Express to open up the web address in my Internet Explorer browser? "

My answer:

I asked Infopackets Readers to send me their thoughts on this question.

The gist is that the problem may be caused if you have installed another browser other than Internet Explorer on your system. This can include ISP providers that install their own version of browsers, including AOL, and Earthlink. The same effect can be felt if Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla Browsers are installed. Here's the theory that was sent by many users:

  1. Outlook Express and Internet Explorer are very much apart of one another. If you change your default browser to anything but Internet Explorer, Outlook Express will go senile and links won't work.
  2. Internet Explorer can be reset and "repaired". Once this is done, hyperlinks accessibility in Outlook Express should be restored.

Here are a few short-but-sweet comments from readers:

Steven H. suggested a methodical way to update and repair Internet Explorer in hopes of fixing Outlook Express:

" First, update your Internet Explorer via Windows Update. This should reset Internet Explorer and will ask you to set it as the default -- choose yes when prompted. Next, ensure your emails are set to HTML in Outlook Express. From within Outlook Express 6: click Tools -> Options -> Read, and make sure "plain text" is NOT selected. And lastly, keep in mind that Hyper Links will not function if you are composing an email -- only when reading received mail. "

Virginia S. suggests a 1-step fix which uses the "URL monitor" to fix the problem.

" Click Start -> Run, and then type in 'REGSVR32 URLMON.DLL' (without the quotes). You should then have a dialog box telling you that the procedure was completed "

Roger J suggested a fix for AOL and Earthlink people:

" As a Technical Support Rep for Earthlink, I run into this question many times as our software (as well as AOL's and many others) reset the default programs to open when clicking on a link in your mail program.

First: Load Internet Explorer; click: Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab. Next, click Reset Web Settings, and Make sure to also uncheck "reset my home page" check box. Finally, go to Advanced tab and click Restore Defaults.

These two steps will re-write the proper registry settings and the 'Click On Links' function in your mail program should again work fine. "

Chris B. also suggested a way of repairing Internet Explorer by uninstalling it and invoking the repair utility:

" I recently ran into this problem when I dumped a third party browser I had installed (Avant) to replace Internet Explorer. When I went back to Internet Explorer and reset it as the default browser it wouldn't open links in e-mails. I solved the problem by repairing Internet Explorer.

Go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and choose Internet Explorer; select Remove Program. You are then offered the option to Repair Internet Explorer; select Repair and reboot when the routine is finished. "

And finally, Matthew T. also sent me this Microsoft Link:

" I went to the MS website and found the following knowledge base article which describes fixes Outlook Express fixes for all versions of Windows. "


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