Parents Name Baby after ISP for free Internet

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A couple have reportedly named their daughter after an Internet company in return for 18 years of free mobile broadband. Perhaps fortunately the girl now only has "Twifia" as a middle name.

The couple took up a promotional offer from Swiss company Twifi. It made the offer to any parents who named their child with Twifia or Twifius. It's not clear why the offer covers these variations rather than the brand name itself.

The deal requires a parent to upload a photograph of the birth certificate with one of the names on it and await verification. They will then get 18 years of service for the family without charge. The current price for the mobile service starts at 24 Swiss francs a month, so the "value" of the offer is 5,184 francs, equivalent to around $5,700 USD.

Broadband Fees Put Into Savings

It should be noted the couple involved have reportedly requested anonymity, so it's hard to verify the story beyond local media reports. In particular, the claim that the mother believes the brand name can represent both a technological and emotional connection seems somewhat convenient. (Source:

The couple are said to have decided to take up the offer after concluding they could take the money they would have spend on broadband during the 18 years and putting it into a savings account so their daughter has a nest egg when she reached adulthood. They have not revealed her full name, but said she has two forenames on the certificate before Twifia. (Source:

Company Boss Guarantees Payments

The reports also say the head of the company has personally promised that in the event it goes out of business in the next 18 years, he will pay for a replacement broadband service from his own pocket.

It's not the first time a company has made such an offer. In 2018 KFC paid for an $11,000 college scholarship for the first child called Harland on a particular day. As quiz night fans will know, that was the first name of company founder Colonel Sanders.

What's Your Opinion?

How much would it take for you to name a child after a commercial company? Do you believe this story is above board? How suitable would your broadband provider's name be for a newborn?

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Dennis Faas's picture

Apparently I was named after a famous baseball player in 1975, though I have no idea who that might have been. Thankfully my parents didn't name me Managed Network Systems Incorporated (MNSi) or I would have to answer a lot of questions growing up.

jcgrande's picture

Actually pretty good in my case, our broadband supplier is SHAW 😃👍

doulosg's picture

As a middle name, it's probably less of an issue. And with the oddities of today's *first* names, Twifia/Twifium as a middle name may not even raise an eyebrow.

David's picture

A business asking a new parent to saddle an innocent third party with a 'naming rights' name is unethical and unconscionable, no matter what the payoff is.