How to print a large-sized web page on a single printed page

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After emailing my suggestion on how to use Landscape / Portrait modes to get a large web page to fit properly using a printer, a few users emailed me with thoughts of their own.

Infopackets Reader John D. writes:

" You could also suggest a program such as Gadwin Printscreen, which will print exactly what is on the screen and fit it properly. "

Infopackets Reader Theo T. also wrote in:

" Another approach to this is to copy what you want to print by pasting in to either a text editor, or WordPad. The downside to using either method is that you will lose pictures and graphics which are present on the web site, but the bonus is that you will also lose any ads.

Text Editor: Most text editor do not pick up the URLs behind the links. If you need an URL, just right-click over top it, choose "copy link", and then go back to the editor and paste it.

WordPad: will show the URLs where the text editor most likely will not. After pasting the copied information from the web site, initially the there will be a bunch of "boxes" on the WordPad screen. After the file has been saved, they the boxes go away. On other tip is that you can copy from WordPad and paste into the text editor to get a smaller file, but you will lose some more of the formatting, including space between the paragraphs. "

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