My sound volume control is missing from the Windows tray bar?

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Infopackets Reader Arlene M. asks, " For some reason, the little speaker icon is gone from my system tray. Do you know how I may get it back? "

My Response:

If you're talking about Windows XP, the volume control is available from the Control Panel under Sounds and Audio Devices; place a check-mark by the Place Volume in Task bar.

If you don't have Win XP, you can try to reinstall your sound icon by going to Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs, Windows Setup tab and then double click the Multimedia icon and place a checkmark on Volume Control. If it's already there, take the checkmark off, then click OK. Then go back in again and place the check mark on.

This will hopefully reset it.

It's also possible there is a problem with your sound card. Device Manager (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System) may pick up a conflict, or the sound card just bit the dust and may need to be replaced.

After this newsletter was mailed, Ernie C. wrote in:

In response to Arlene's little trouble, if you're using Win9x/me:

  1. Click Start -> Settings -> Control panel
  2. Double click "Multimedia"
  3. On Audio Tab click "show volume control on the taskbar" checkbox.
  4. Click "OK" button.
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